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by Monica Sex

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Spine 04:32
It’s such a funny feeling, being alive When I can sense that you’re nearby Such a foolish notion, using words Silence makes feel so sure. Come on, come on You can’t be wrong It’s at the center of your spine Come on, come on It’s calling home I got a place for you inside I waited so long Waited so long I waited so long I was always alone It’s time For the screen to rise Gently to reveal your soul Oh, for me to recognize Are you there? Are you there? Sometimes I feel so scared To the left, to the right Which is the way to you tonight? Come on, come on…
Window 04:18
Rat race, burnt out nerves Our brains overestimated Background noise, ceaseless noise Organized, updated. Guests appear, disappear Leaving us with cans of beer Getting drunk, slightly drunk Easy smile, wait a minute. There’s just a window Between the rain and the bed There’s just one way Between my head and the rain. Wear the hat in different ways Endless chain of falling ashtrays On the bench, wooden bench Blank my mind for a second Can’t escape parts of hell Like the smell of burning nylon Exercise, memorize, try to be nice Wait a minute. There’s just a window…
Small Talk 04:07
You like to bare your soul during small talk Fascinate a stranger and walk I guess we’re all entitled to a hobby Meet me in the lobby, we’ll talk Just talk. I know these afternoons; I know them all too well The sound of stirring spoons inside of coffee cups You take it milk and two; correct me if it’s not enough We can roll around later on Like we used to, it was great Don’t you know my love is never gone It just changes into hate Changes into hate Tell me what is wrong; I’ll make sure that it goes on You like to bare your soul during small talk Fascinate a stranger and walk I guess we’re all entitled to a weakness To a little sickness, let’s talk Just talk We can roll around...
When I call you up You tell me a dream and I laugh I split up in half When I call you up Every time I talk to you The closest voice in the world Takes an international tour Goodbye my love. You didn’t want to take this road with me Shall we talk it over? Didn’t want to take this road Shall we talk it over? Shall we talk it over? Talk it over tea? This is the sum of something that wasn’t to be Red red roses grow But what do they mean? I see you in every porno magazine On a bench in a beautiful garden, compliments aside A man tried to steal my soul, you weren’t at my side You weren’t at my side You didn’t want to take this road with me…


released December 28, 2011

Lyrics and Music: Yali Sobol
Produced and engineered by Shahar Even Tzur

Guitars and Vocals: Yali Sobol
Guitars Bass and Vocals: Peter Roth
Keyboards & Bass: Seffy Efrati
Drums: Shahar Even Tzur
Cello: Karni Postel

Additional Recordings: Tal Matmor
Mixed by Eyal Even Tzur
Mastered by Matthew Agoglia at Master Disc NYC
Production Manager: Tal Hayun

Photography: Orit Pnini

P.R.: Ruty Marom - Marom Perel 03-5656413
Booking Worldwide: Hamon Volume


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Monica Sex | מוניקה סקס Israel


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